WordPress Best Practices For Blogging

How to Keep Your WordPress Blog Focused on SEO

All the major search engines, including Google, really appreciate WordPress, which is why using it as a content management system gives you such a great advantage over HTML sites. The goal of this article is to show you how to use WordPress in such a way that you gain even more benefits.

Use Keywords and Make Sense

Keywords and Titles:Search engine algorithms find the title extremely important because it is what a user sees in the search engine pages when they conduct a search. For this reason, you want to insert your main keyword in the title of the webpage but make sure you do it sensibly. Placing the keyword in the title does not mean that you should go out of your way and stuff your keywords in it. You need to inject a little more creativity into creating your title and ensuring that it makes sense and is relevant. Your visitors should be able to tell, at a glance, what your site is about just from the title. If a particular keyword creates a disjointed effect in the title, then you are better off not including it at all. You don’t want quality to be sacrificed at the expense of getting your keyword in the title.

Validate Your XHTML Code

The Right XHTML code:This step not be overlooked when creating an effective WordPress site will give you results in the future. There are many reasons why your website should be certified based upon the standards of the online world. Even if know about the basics of HTML, you won’t have any problem starting out. Go to the W3C Validator and type the name of your site. If you see that it isn’t validating, then simply follow the instructions laid out to fix the issues.

Customize Your Slugs

Customize Slugs for Each Post:When you’re writing a post for your WordPress site, you’ll find a field called Slug that is located just below the title of the your post, which is what determines the address of the article you’re posting. Make sure that you’re providing the search engines with a loud and clear message by using your keywords in the page title, article content, and meta descriptions. WordPress does a lot for you to make search engine optimization a simple matter but it can’t actually go in and do the proper placement of keyword for you – that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Using WordPress SEO effectively is all about making the correct move at the correct time. The things that we talked about in this article will help you to get your WordPress site ranked higher and provide you with leverage over the competition if you do things the right way. BE sure that if you change existing slugs, you do a 301 redirect of them. Otherwise people that visit your site will come to a missing page and any backlinks you have will not be able to pass trust or love along to your main site. If you need any more help or advice with local SEO Cary NC, we’ve got just the people with you.