Things You Can Do So Google Will Love Your Site

Even if you do not want to admit it, Google rules when it comes to the world’s best search engines. Google is used to do plenty of online searches by millions of people. If you chosen keywords have not been ranked by Google, then you are missing out. Google does not work like other search engines. This is the reason that you should make sure that Google likes your website. It will always serve a good purpose in the end to be in Google’s good graces. This article will tell you three ways to get Google to love your website.

SEO goes perfectly together with social media. When you’re trying to do well with Google, this is even more applicable. If you learn to harness the power of social media properly, you can really boost your Google results.

Remember to include sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. You need to deliver good quality content and then stay active on those social media sites. You can also add Digg and Reddit to your social media repertoire. While this might not offer you immediate results, it will definitely make an impact over the long term. Your Google rankings can be easily tweaked by working on high quality content and social media.

The age of your domain name also matters when you’re trying to get your website ranked in Google. A site with a domain name that has been registered for a while will receive better rankings than a newer site. Obviously Google prefers to rank sites with a history. Google often shows a preference for aged domains over those just newly registered.

No matter what your niche, you’ll find that older domains tend to rank more highly than newer domains. You could wait until your domain ages naturally, or you could buy a domain that has been registered for a while. No matter what, just keep working on adding new backlinks and you’ll get those results.

Do you have a dedicated page for a sitemap, linking to every internal page on your website? A sitemap is really important in Google’s eyes. Your sitemap needs to be well-organized.

Google’s spiders will be able to find every page you have for your site much faster this way. Not only Google, even the other search engines will find your site more easy to crawl with a sitemap. There are various ways to create a sitemap, but WordPress does have a free plugin that will do it for you. It’s a piece of cake.

You’ll find plenty of websites that attract targeted visitors directly from Google and they’re happy about it. Why wouldn’t they be happy?

After all, they’re receiving highly targeted traffic and it’s costing them nothing at all. If you put these tips to good use, you could find the number of visitors Google refers to your site begins to increase. It might not seem easy in the start, but as time goes by, you’ll realize that all the effort is paying off. In fact, any of your SEO efforts will be well worth it, simply for the increased appeal with Google. It’ll give you better ranking, more traffic and stronger branding.