Mapping Demographics

Demographic Data Collection

Demographic data is basically statistical information collected on the characteristics of a specific population, e.g., gender, age and income for instance. By the use of demographic data, companies can better understand why certain customers make certain choices, such as their age, sex, what kind of house to live in or even where they work. With demographic research companies are able to provide businesses with useful information on demographics, which can be used to target markets and create advertising campaigns that are more effective. A good example of demographic research would be an insurer who provides car insurance to young female drivers. If the data shows that young females statistically make more claims than young males then it would be a good time for the insurer to target this demographic to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from their policy.

Mapping Demographics

Demographic maps are essentially graphical representation of demographic data. A demographic map typically consists of a simple bar chart with variable values plotted on the chart and a range of colored circles. The size of the circle is inversely proportional to the value of the bar. Each color represents a single value such as percentage or rate of spending, and the larger the range of colors the deeper the colored circle. Because the typical circle has relatively small width and height, it is easy to see the shape of the demographic data on the horizontal axis of the chart and easily see changes in spending patterns.

Obline Services

There are many companies online from which undertake research and produce demographics by zip code for clients. Alternatively you can contact a demographic research company to undertake your research for you. They will be able to quote you a price based on the level of demographic detail you require. It’s worth remembering however that depending on the area you are researching, sometimes it may be easier and cheaper to obtain your own demographic data from the actual census data.