Mail Service in Charlotte

Charlotte NC Bulk Mailers

Bulk mail is literally commercial electronic mail, prepared in bulk quantities, and shipped at reduced stamp costs to a wide variety of target audiences. Bulk mail can include various other products as well, including newsletters, flyers, pamphlets and many other similar items. These mailings by mailing lists Charlotte NC are commonly used for the purpose of marketing, advertising, fundraising, and other purposes that benefit a business.

Sending Bulk Mail

There are two ways that bulk mail can be sent. The first is “hard” bulk mailings – this is the most common method used by many businesses and involves using a printer and a quality copier machine to prepare large quantities of mailings. These mailings are then sent via regular postal mail with a signed letter head, a postage plate, or both. The second way is “soft” bulk mailings – this method does not require an actual stamp to produce the mailing. Instead, the mailings are printed on an electronic printer and shipped via regular commercial mail with a blank envelope, stamped postage, or both. Both methods are very effective, but the second method is much less expensive, less time consuming, and more convenient.

Mail Costs

The cost of mailing is based upon the cost of the materials used and the number of recipients that will be included in the mailing list. This cost is generally determined by weight in pounds, the number of pieces that will be sent, the total number of pages that will be sent, and the cost of the postage. Soft bulk mailing lists can be made at a much lower cost by purchasing them wholesale, or by making the copies yourself by taking a photograph of a product and reproducing it on your own. For example, if you wanted to mail out fifty of a certain product, this would be the appropriate wholesale rate for your situation.