Getting Down to the Basics of Creating a User Friendly Website

User friendliness is the name of the game if you want to build a website that will perform well and help you succeed. That term probably sounds pretty innocuous but if you don’t do it correctly it can be incredibly unforgiving. You’ll know if you do because your bounce time is sky high and nobody stays long. Before you can figure out what you need to fix, you need to make sure that your analytics are set up. It might even be a good idea to hire someone to perform an audit on your site in terms of user friendliness. No matter what the case, if you want to have a business then you’ll move on this.

It only makes complete sense that creating a pleasing place for your visitors to learn will be a good thing. Web users are famous for being impatient and generally lazy, and you unfortunately have to cater to that. If you have anything that needs to be filled out, like a form for something – easy does it without asking for too much information. If you have never done any split testing on your site – shame on you, but seriously, you really need to start doing it.

With your business blog design, or the theme, you can do well with the minimum just as long as it’s clean. Yes you know that it plays a role with the impression you make, so it does matter. In addition, the layout plays a huge role for too many reasons to discuss in this paragraph. This is when knowing who is in your audience will be of great help to you. Remember that speed is important, so find a good theme you think will be accepted and get your blog live.

It is too easy to make mistakes when it comes to writing your content and in other areas as well. The side panels or columns are just one good example of this. This is where things that also need to be promoted are going to sit–things like special offers, the opt-in boxes for your subscription list, etc. That means that it is important that your copy in these areas be as effective as you can make it. Most webmasters are going to just toss up an opt-in box and a graphic for their eBook–do not be one of them. That is what most people are used to seeing and ignoring. Placing a smaller box in the side column with some copy typed in a smaller font as well as the email field is just one way to set yourself apart. Use smaller font but not too small, and write something different and compelling.

Keep in mind that a user friendly site is one that contains good usability methods. Getting all this right will take some time, but it’s an ongoing work in progress. if you want your site to improve all around, then this is one of them best ways for that. There’s nothing but good waiting for you if you work to make this happen.

You can count on Raleigh digital marketing to build a user friendly site for your business. Make sure your website is properly maintained and remain focused on reaching new customers with decent search engine optimization.